Ruud van Auhar sings Arsenal fans welcome as the starting point

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Ruud van Nistelrooy, manager of PSV Eindhoven, ex -Manchester United, said he hopes to receive a warm welcome from Arsenal fans during the UEFA Europa League clash . PSV visit the Emirates Stadium on Thursday night after being part of the cause. The Gunners Paving the way to the championship Unbeaten in the 2003/04 Premier League football

, Van Nistelrooy has set a record of 150 goals in Manchester United’s uniform. With one of the highlights of his career being missed penalties in a league game at Old. Old Trafford, big guns duel in September 2003 at the last minute Prior to the skirmish. Between the two players behind Martin Keown, the former Dutchman was satisfied.

The game was in the sixth fixture of the season. Before Arsene Wenger’s side’s 32 subsequent games ended the season unbeaten in the league.  the UFABET report

The title was completed with 90 points, 15 points clear of third-placed Manchester United with Chelsea as runners-up (79 points)

. “I expect a warm welcome,” Nistelrooy said. said in an interview about the readiness before the game “I made them unbeaten because of my penalty miss.”

“I didn’t react. left after missing the shot. The two teams were under tension. Because we played in the Premier League and that moment was so important that the game was decided.

“It’s been 20 years, it doesn’t affect anything. With me on my return to England and with Arsenal, the memories of that time had lingered and those games were part of that period. Years later I look back and laugh at it. My time in England was five years and not just two. I won an incredible league title with United, where two were just part of that period. I am under Sir Alex Ferguson and have also played with amazing players

. It’s part of the mockery on the pitch.”