‘Potter’ admits asthma caught 1 point is fair

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Chelsea manager Graham Potter admits he is disappointed But the 0-0 draw with Brentford was fair. “We are always disappointed when we don’t win, the whole game one point is fair. they have a chance We put the pressure on at the end of the game,” Potter said

. We put all the pressure and dedication to each other. It’s not easy with a competitive program like this. But we are working hard. I’m proud of my team. It’s a hard earned point.”

He perhaps felt a little fortunate to avoid defeat, although he admitted he was “disappointed” not to steal the points from Thomas Frank’s side.

“We’re always disappointed when we don’t win,” Potter told Amazon Prime. “Over the course of the game a point is fair, they had chances and we pushed at the end.

“It was a tough game against a team that makes it tough. We pushed and pushed and gave it everything. It’s not easy with the schedule but we put the effort in and I’m proud of them – it’s a hard-earned point.

“There’s no rest, we have to keep moving. We’ve had two away games, Aston Villa and Brentford and four points is not too bad but we wanted to win.” the UFABET report

Potter also defended his decision to leave Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on the bench for 81 minutes.

“There’s no time to rest. We have to keep going. We played two away games, Aston Villa and Brentford, four points are not bad. Even if we want to be winners.”