‘Howe’ pointed out that ‘Almiron’ raises confidence.

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Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe has praised Miguel Almiron and says the striker has boosted his confidence. After scoring a beautiful goal for the team to beat Everton

on Wednesday night, “Salika Dong” opened the home win. “Blue Toffees” 1-0 maintain the top 6 of the table to continue. The winning goal from Almiron’s late fall

goal was Almiron’s fifth goal of the season in 11 appearances, four of which came in the last four,

Howe said in an interview after the end. Speaking at St James’ Park, the 28-year-old Paraguayan international said:

“I think the only thing that keeps Almiron focused is trying to do his best for Newcastle and “

Newcastle supporters have given Almiron a lot of love and that’s right.”

“Ilmiron gave everything to me from day one. And he’s very attached to the team, he’s a true team player. And now he’s getting more and more mentions. ” the UFABET report

You can’t underestimate the quality of each goal he gives us.”

“His character never changes, he’s a very consistent player – and that’s his strength.”

“He has always been enjoying football, pleased to be part of the team. and is a close friend to many of the team

. is his confidence, both in training And using the techniques he has to do what the team wants – he definitely takes these things to the next level.”