Get to know Fantan

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Fantan is a game that has been play for a long time. Which ancient people often used something simple to place bets, such as beans, seeds, which nowadays use “buttons” instead. There are also other accessories such as wood used for lining up the buttons. 1 foot

In the playroom. Fantan is clearly divide. On the right is the player information section. In the middle is the screen for live broadcasting. On the left is the game results section. and put the middle part is the betting area There will be quite a variety of bets to choose from. สมัคร UFABET

Rules of how to play Fantan

Easy game play, very simple, just one click and you can enjoy and enjoy it. Use observations and predictions based on the quantity of buttons. Initially, the staff will remove a number of buttons from the container by means of a separate cup. Then the staff will use the cup to separate the buttons in a number of ways for the gambler to see that How many buttons will this approximate number be? how much is left After that, it will give the gambler the opportunity to predict. How much the last group of buttons will be left. Where the table gives an opportunity to bet for 30 seconds. And when the signal ends The staff will count the buttons by counting the buttons left in the cup. The distribution is made in rows of 4 beads each. Which if the last row has the same amount as the bettor’s money. The gambler will win that game. which to make it easier to see The staff will represent the color of the four numbers, namely Number 1 = White, Number 2 = Green, Number 3 = Yellow,