‘Gerrard’ is ready to face the challenge, leading ‘Villa’ to change the form

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Stephen Gerrard insists on facing the challenge and will help Aston Villa turn the tide. Later faced with rumors of being laid off.

A defeat at the weekend means Villa are just one point ahead of the relegation zone. And have won just two of their 10 league appearances this season, including just seven goals.

Gerrard’s team face Fulham on Thursday night and will continue with Against Brentford on Sunday, those games are expected to be crucial to his future.

The 42-year-old, however, opened his arms to both the criticism and the challenges that lay ahead. The sacking rumors have surfaced, with the club believed to be interested in bringing in Mauricio Pochettino as a replacement.

“Me and a difficult day But tough days are okay because you have to use those days as motivation when better days come in,” Gerrard said.

“I’m still a young coach, I understand, and this It was a difficult time. But from my point of view, it’s a great challenge. I want to prove to everyone that I can make our situation better.”

“I’m here to fight and lead every minute of every day. I have the confidence and confidence in myself that I can turn this situation around.” The UFABET reports

“I’ve been through times like this before. We won the league with Rangers in the third year and people are always talking about the third year. But we had a dead end in the first year and the second year, we had difficult times, we had pressure, we had critics, we had frustration in the stands

. Is it part of football? When you don’t get the results people want. It’s like that.”

“I take risks in moments like this because I believe and know that I can get through these times if I’m still

myself. I’m going to show everyone that I can get out of this moment.”

“I accept what I am judged on now. But no one in the world is more determined to change this than myself and that’s all I have to focus on, which is three points in the next game

. Better and so will everyone. And others judging me might look a little differently.”