ETH vows to deal with the cause of ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ walking out first

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Cristiano Ronaldo, superstar striker Received criticism for walking out of the field before Manchester United finished the game and Erik ten Hag confirmed that he will handle this tomorrow

. Ronaldo is named as a substitute and will not be sent into the field. The Red Devils defeated Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday night with a score of 2-0

in the 88th minute after Ten Hag replaced Anthony Elan. Ka came on to replace Jadon Sancho, and Ronaldo appeared to walk softly out of the Old Trafford tunnel,

with United fans in the stands trying to applaud, but the 37-year-old star. Years, no reaction

. This season, Cristiano Ronaldo has started two of his first 11 Premier League games, scoring one goal, and the five-time Ballon d’Or winner seems annoyed at the lack of playing time. Too

Danny Mills, UFABET  Guru It is thought that what Ronaldo did against Spurs was a disrespect to United,

“it would be a shame if Ronaldo had left the pitch early because of frustration”, the former Leeds defender said. Commenting

: “I think that’s disrespectful to the club, the manager and the fans, they’re 2-0 up! What else wouldn’t Ronaldo be upset about?”

“If United are leading 2-0, what Ronaldo has done is not right anyway. But I still understand it.”

“It’s clear that Ronaldo. Think you are above the club… That’s a huge shame

. When one team behaves like that?”

During a post-match interview, Ten Hag was asked by an Amazon Prime reporter if Ronaldo had asked to leave the field before the match.

“I saw Ronaldo there, but I didn’t say anything to him,” the Dutch coach said.

“Tomorrow I will deal with this, not today, we are celebrating the victory. And now it’s time to rejuvenate your body.”